I was Germany’s hottest cop but quit the force to become an influencer with racy snaps – I regret nothing


GERMANY’S former “hottest cop” say she does not regret quitting her job to become an influencer.

Adrienne Koleszar began posting racy snaps in-between police duty.

Adrienne Koleszar was said to be Germany’s ‘hottest cop’
She left her job in Dresden’s Police force to become an influencer
@adrienne_koleszar / instagram

But after fans began asking the German beauty to cuff them – her boss lost their cool and she quit.

The 38-year-old, who earnt £2,405 a month as a police commissioner, told Bild: “I have never regretted leaving the police force.

“I’m not the desk job type.”

Her life after the force began with a six-month-long “Eat, Pray, Love” trip around the world.

It was such a success that the model, from the eastern city of Dresden, decided to influence fulltime.

She now boasts over 530,000 followers on Instagram.

Her content ranges from racy bikini snaps on Italian beaches to calming landscapes of Bali.

And she shows off her ripped, gym-trained physique in others.

But life as an influencer is not all as it seems, admitting her online persona was the reason her 10-year relationship broke down.

The 2019 split hit the front pages of the German media.

But in a message to her lost lover, she said: “You were in the public eye, in a world you never wanted. But I wanted it. Absolutely. At any price.”

She now dates personal trainer Alex Vinz, 32, and is planning to move abroad with him.

But the hot cop claims her work is not all as it seems and it annoys her that other influencers “present a false reality” online.

She said: “I let myself be blinded by it too. It doesn’t just need the display of luxury goods.

“You can never be happier with more money.”

But despite all that she has given up to pursue influencing – Adrienne admits has considered throwing in the towel.

She explained: “Sometimes I’d like to give up, get a regular job and work somewhere – in some coffee shop, probably in Bali.”

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