Watch as Russian tank commander takes out FIVE of his own men using turret in blundering footage


THIS is the shocking moment a Russian tank commander wiped out his OWN troops in a manoeuvre blunder.

The tank swerved out of control before hitting comrades on another vehicle with its turret.


This is the shocking moment a Russian tank commander accidentally hit his own troops


The men jump off the tank to escape

Footage showed at least six men being struck off their tank but miraculously, they manage to get back up and run to safety.

One man is knocked to the ground and stays down for some time before being able to get up and stagger away.

It was shared by the Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence through Twitter as they mocked their enemy’s embarrassing error.

The caption read: “The biggest threat to mobilised Russian infantry are mobilised Russian tankmen.”

Their plan to mock the Russians succeeded as the video has been viewed 1.5million times since being posted five days ago.

They have added game music and a laugh track on top of the 52 second clip to further patronise the troops.

And this is not the first time, last month the ministry also posted footage of a Russian tank falling off a train with the caption: “Not that we are complaining, but in the future we ask that the Russians be more careful when unloading military equipment.”

So far Russia has lost 1,450 tanks, according to Oryx, through being taken by Ukrainian soldiers or abandoned.

This comes as Germany and Poland promised 28 Leopard II battle tanks – worth £5million each – to help fight the war in Ukraine.

Footage that appeared on Saturday showed the menacing war machines lined up on freight trains as a huge logistics operation is launched to help rearm Ukraine to drive out Putin’s troops.

Training to use the Leopard-II tanks could see them in use on battlefields in just over a month, according to Breaking Defense.

The tanks – which were seen being moved with ‘Marder’ Infantry Fighting Vehicles – are set to arrive in a matter of weeks, just as Mad Vlad is stepping up his fight ahead of the bloody anniversary of the invasion.

It is believed the footage was taken in east Germany or Poland in recent days.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz finally agreed last week to send the tanks to Ukraine, further provoking an already infuriated Putin.

The UK has also pledged 14 Challenger 2 battle tanks, slower than the Leopards but still capable of incredible defensive protection.

And, the US has promised Ukraine 31 of its Abrams M1A2s, but delivery of the jet-fuelled American tanks could take months to arrive on the frontlines.

Spain and Norway are expected to announce how many Leopard IIs they will send to Ukraine in the coming days.

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