I cut my car’s emissions by 90% but am still being forced to pay ULEZ – it’s ridiculous

A MAN has cut his car emissions by 90%, but is still being forced to pay the ULEZ charge – a charge he says is ridiculous.

Kestutis Gecas, 46, from Eltham, drives a Mitsubishi Outlander that is set to fall foul of emission laws under the expanded ULEZ – he still has to pay the £12.50 charge, despite the huge reduction in emissions.

A man cut his car emissions by 90%, but he’s still being forced to pay ULEZ – and he says it’s ridiculous
Drivers in London in a non-compliant car will have to pay a daily fee to drive in the zone

Gecas installed a £5 catalyst on his 4×4 that helps burn fuel more efficiently, and supposedly results in fewer carbon deposits.

Gecas said that he compared readings taken during his own tests against MOTs of his Mitsubishi Outlander (which he bought in 2012) between 2021 and March 15 this year

He discovered that after using the catalyst for six months – his emissions were reduced by 91%.

Kestutis told My London: “As I can’t afford to buy another car that would suit my business and is ULEZ compliant, I have been looking for ways to reduce emissions.

“Back in September, I found a product – a fuel catalyst – which according to its manufacturer, can reduce emissions by up to 85 per cent, and on top of that, improve fuel economy and give more power.

“So, I decided to try it out. The results were very impressive. An MOT test on October 14, 2022, showed a 75% emissions reduction, from 0.36 in 2021 down to 0.09.”

Kestutis is a self-employed carpenter and uses his car for business and family trips.”I can’t afford to buy another vehicle, and with this catalyst, the engine is working better than it was five years ago when I bought the car.

“It burns fuel better, I get more energy out of it, and the fuel economy is better. It clears the engine reducing emissions and carbon deposits.

“Testing it again, I was completely shocked. It’s a huge, huge drop. The ULEZ is just a way to make money; it’s an excuse for them to put up all those cameras and introduce 15-minute cities or a pay per miles scheme. If we stop ULEZ now, it will probably stop everything else.”

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