Model 3 Tesla bursts into flames from inside – but cause is still a mystery

A TESLA Model 3 burst into flames just minutes after the owner got behind the wheel – it’s a mystery to what caused it.

Texan Ali Hasan picked his electric car up from a body shop but just 10 minutes later he says it started smoking.

Ali Hasan with his burnt-out Tesla Model 3 Hasan Hasan

The fire completely destroyed the inside of the electric car

Mr Hasan says the car started smoking inside around 10 minutes after he’d picked it up from a body shop Hasan

Fire took hold and the vehicle ended up being a burnt-out ruin sitting on the side of the road.

In 2021, the Tesla was involved in an accident which left the front end with some serious damage.

Then in August 2022, according to the owner’s posts on social media, the car lost its rear bumper, wheel covers and sustained underbody damage in deep water.

Now, the fire seems to have brought a sudden end to the car’s life, which the owner said was a complete surprise to him.

Mr Hasan told Carscoops: “To my eye, everything looked just fine.

“While I was driving down the highway, I noticed smoke coming from the right passenger seat, and it kept getting worse as I drove it half a mile to get it off the highway.”

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.

Mr Hasan hasn’t blamed the body shop but he has acknowledged the correlation.

He said: “As far as I know so far, nothing apart from that they replaced sensors and bumper and the cover under the car.”

Mr Hasan expanded on his thoughts in a comment on a Facebook thread.

He wrote: “There were sensors as well that they changed which now that I see it go to the passenger side and there was also a cover that goes under the frunk [front and trunk] that they replaced as well.

“I’m not pointing any fingers whatsoever, I’m just saying a theory because it’s my only explanation.”

Some commentators suspected there was an issue with the battery but Mr Hasan said that has already been ruled out as a cause.

The inside of Mr Hasan’s car is almost entirely burnt-out while the shell of the car is largely untouched.

Fortunately, Mr Hasan managed to escape without any burns but said that he is in hospital with breathing difficulties.

The Sun Online has contacted Tesla for comment.

Mr Hasan was able to escape without any burns but says he is in hospitable with breathing difficulties Hasan
It remains a mystery as to what caused the fire Hasan

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