The most eye-watering short stay car park charges to avoid this Easter – will it affect your holiday plans?

With the Easter holiday break approaching, many families will be looking to get out and about exploring the tourist traps around the country.

Getting to your destination can sometimes be hard enough, but then of course there’s the pain of finding somewhere to park, and not being charged a small fortune for the privilege.

Some shorty-stay parking charges are hugely expensive

With the current cost of living crisis,  the need to avoid the eye-watering charges in short-stay car parks, particularly in some of the UK’s most popular cities, has never been more important.  

Short stay train station car parks in two of the UK’s most popular city break locations – Leeds and Liverpool – underline the need to plan ahead and resist the temptation to simply grab any city centre spot.

Liverpool received more than 42.19m tourists in 2021, while Leeds is now becoming ever more attractive to visitors, too. 

However, both have short stay train station car parks that are among the most expensive in the country, charging an absurd £135 for just eight hours.

The third most expensive owned car park for the same eight-hour period is in London’s Knightsbridge, but even when factoring in any additional Congestion Charge and ULEZ costs, this still works out £47.50 cheaper than Liverpool and Leeds.

Lee Puffett, Managing Director of Start Rescue, said: “We will be ready to support customers throughout the traditionally busy Easter period, but just as it’s important to ensure your car is fully prepared for a trip… it is also essential to do some parking research, especially if you’re planning to take the car into any popular city centre.

“Some of these charges are hefty even by short-term standards and are not going to make anyone’s holiday.

Additionally, many car parks are now cashless, so it’s advisable to download the app and ensure payment instructions are understood in advance if you can.

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