Fanta makes major change to popular drink – and it’s bad news for shoppers

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FANTA has made a huge change to one of its fizzy drink favourites – and it’s bad news for shoppers.

Drinks giant Coca-Cola has reduced the amount of orange juice in Fanta Orange – but increased the price by 15p.

Coca-Cola has reduced the amount of orange juice in bottles of Fanta orange

Previously, a 500ml bottle of Fanta Orange contained 35ml of orange juice from concentrate and cost £1.45.

But now, the same size bottle contains just 20ml of orange juice while the price has gone up to £1.60, according to the MailOnline.

It means shoppers are getting 43% orange juice than they were a year ago.

The Sun has contacted Coca-Cola for comment and we will update this story once we hear back.

But Coca-Cola isn’t the only company making changes to popular products.

Cadbury has made its sharing bags of Dairy Milk Chocolate Buttons smaller, but kept the price the same.

Previously the chocs weighed in at 240g and cost £2 at Asda and Tesco.

But a new size is just 184.4g and will still set you back the same amount at the supermarkets.

The Sun previously revealed the confectionary company shrunk the size of its chocolate Easter eggs too.

The move is known as “shrinkflation”, which is when a product get smaller but the price doesn’t change.

The tactic is used by companies to avoid putting prices up, and often shoppers don’t realise they are getting less.

Pouches of popular supermarket item Ben’s original rice have shrunk from 250g to 220g in recent months.

Mars, which manufactures the rice, said it had made the product smaller due to “significant cost increases”.

Other products including beer have shrunk in size in recent months without a change in price either.

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola has changed the recipe of its Sprite lemon and lime original and sugar free drinks along with new packaging.

Lilt lovers were left bitterly disappointed to discover that the iconic fizzy drink is being discontinued after 50 years.

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