Katie Price’s daughter Bunny poses on the beach with braid extensions after she’s mum shamed over hairstyle


KATIE Price’s daughter Bunny looked adorable as she posed on the beach with her newly braided hair.

Bunny, 8, grinned as she showed off her long braided hair, which had extensions added to it.

Katie Price’s daughter Bunny posed on the beach with braids

Katie faced backlash for allowing Bunny to change her hair

The sweet kid wore a baggy jumper and tracksuit bottoms which she teamed with comfy boots.

It comes days after Katie faced backlash for allowing Bunny to come home from Thailand with braids.

She was mum-shamed for letting her keep the new new hairdo after returning from a month-long trip.

“That hair will be so heavy on bunny’s head. She is far too young for that,” one follower scorned.

“Daddy will soon get Bunny down to the hairdressers,” another added, referencing Kieran Hayler.

After Bunny had her hair done, Katie shared a snap of her posing and added the caption: “Bunny the diva”.

A lot of fans rushed to slam Katie for encouraging “cultural appropriation” by allowing her daughter to have braids as a white person.

One wrote: “No sorry Katie she is far too young for this hairstyle you need to give your head a shake.”

Another added that the weight of the extensions is “not good for the hair”.

There were also cries over why she had taken the kids out of school for so long.

“How come they not getting a education surely school is more important than a 4 week holiday,” one wrote.

“I didn’t even take my daughter out of school when booked small break away her education is way more important,” another added.

“Shouldn’t they be in school?” another chimed.

But some of Katie’s loyal fans rushed to her defence, with one writing: “Omg why can’t people leave her alone she’s a human being
Soon forgot #bekind.”

“Spending time with family is way more important than school,” another argued.

“LEAVE HER ALONE! please dudes be kind! Xxx” a third pleaded.

The trio flew home after their month-long trip and were met by the OnlyFans star’s on/off fiancé Carl.

Carl had been snapped in Thailand with Katie and the kids but came home early.

The pair then unfollowed each other on Instagram – suggesting their engagement had hit the skids once again.

But on Wednesday, Katie and Carl confirmed they are back together after stepping out in London.

While she was away, Katie posed for a few photo shoots, including one in a grass skirt.

She wore a brightly-coloured bikini over the top, after undergoing her 16th boob job in December.


Katie showed of her new bigger breasts, after having her 16th boob job


Bunny had long blonde braids added to her hair while she was on holiday


Katie insisted that Bunny chose her new hair style, but many of her fans weren’t impressed

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