Taylor Swift says new album will have songs about love triangles and ‘dirty, dirty cheats of the world’


TAYLOR Swift’s once-colourful love life was the inspiration for the many hits she belted out on the opening night of her long-awaited Eras tour.

But the singer has made peace with the past and is reaping the rewards of ten albums full of her most personal feelings.

Taylor Swift took her fans on trip back down memory lane as she kicked off her new US tour

Taylor is open that her former relationships have left an imprint on her music

She revealed: “My albums have characteristically been sort of excruciatingly autobiographical.

“When I put out an album it feels like getting a live-streamed public autopsy.”

Taylor’s ghosts of boyfriends past — including Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, John Mayer, Tom Hiddleston and Jake Gyllenhaal — still haunt her piercing lyrics.

Now happily loved-up with British actor Joe Alywn for seven years, Taylor told the 70,000 screaming Swifties at State Farm Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona, on Friday night to buckle up while she took them on a three-hour trip down her memory lane.

She said: “I’m really overwhelmed and trying to keep it together.

“We’re going on an adventure, one era at a time, exploring the last 17 years of music that I’ve been lucky enough for you to care about.

“We’ve got songs about break-ups, teenage love triangles, liars and dirty, dirty cheats of the world.”

Despite the raw words of her songs, energised and upbeat Taylor has clearly let go of any bitterness.

During the 44-song set, she playfully told fans: “A running, reoccurring theme in my music is that I love to explain to men how to apologise. I just love it.

“I like to tell them how simple it is to fix things, if you follow these easy steps. I love hearing men apologising.”

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Taylor was thrilled to be back on stage performing again and thanked her fans for their devotion

It may have been five years since Taylor performed a full live concert, but she has certainly caught up on her woke terminology — addressing her crowd as “guys, gals and non-binary pals”.

Taylor’s absence from the world stage was worth the wait as she unleashed powerful, unwavering vocals, 12 stunning costumes, an army of dancers, tight choreography, pyrotechnics, fireworks, light-up wristbands, a moving stage and multiple disappearing acts via sharp trap-door mastery.

The fans’ dedication didn’t go unnoticed either, as Taylor praised their many sartorial references to her songs Mirrorball, Willow — and a phrase from her UK No1 Anti-Hero.

She said: “I can see 17 different people dressed up as mirrorballs.

“I’ve seen really amazing specific, visual represent-ations of lyrics or weird online inside jokes that we have.

“I’ve seen someone dressed as a full entire willow tree and an alarming number of adults dressed as sexy babies.”

The concert was Taylor’s first live performance in five years
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Taylor’s relief at being reunited with her Swifties was evident — and she was self-deprecating as she reminisced about writing her album Folklore in lockdown.

She said: “I wrote this during the pandemic about how badly I craved the connection that I feel from the care you have directed my way.

“I’m gabbling. I’m trying to find an eloquent way to tell you I love you and I crave attention all the time.”

They clearly adore you just as much, Taylor.

Its sings and roundabouts for Gareth

Gareth Malone wants to help kids ditch the screens and get to playgrounds

GARETH Malone is usually seen in front of a choir, but now he has turned his hand to bringing music to outdoor play areas.

The choirmaster and dad of three – who was recently revealed as Cactus on The Masked Dancer – has opened the Connected Playground in Islington, North London.

Its play equipment reacts to kids’ movements with colour and sound, and is the world’s first to be powered by 5G and gigabit broadband.

Gareth wants to use the internet to get kids outside instead of staring at screens.

He said: “I think there is a job to be done in getting kids out. For me, the Connected Playground from Virgin Media O2 is about enticing, encouraging and stimulating kids in a way that they understand.

“Kids want that control, power and excitement around what they are doing when they are playing. They want to press a button and see something happen.”

Delta’s dream

SINGER Delta Goodrem has said she would be honoured to play the late Olivia Newton-John in a biopic.

The former Neighbours actress has already played the Grease star in a 2018 TV miniseries called Hopelessly Devoted To You and sang at Olivia’s memorial in Melbourne last month.

Delta, who begins her Hearts On The Run UK tour in April, said: “Any talk of another biopic is incredible, no matter where it leads.

“I am either there as an artist or a supporter, just loving that every-body would continue to share her story and her legacy.”

Karen hitting motherload

KAREN HARDING is not letting parenthood slow her down musically – quite the opposite.

The Geordie singer, and mother of two, reckons it has brought a whole new inspiration to her music.

Helen, whose stunning new single Back To You is out now, says: “Music has become more meaningful to me than ever since having children.

“Going out to perform and create songs gives me more purpose as I’m doing it for my family.

“I still draw on all my life experiences, though. There is always plenty to write about.”

Karen has been working on her debut solo album, adding: “It’s going to encompass lots of genres. I can’t decide on a name just yet, but I’m getting there.”

Ringleader Vernon

MARK RADCLIFFE has revealed that new Radio 2 host Vernon Kay is the ringleader for nights out at the Beeb.

The presenter – who is presenting at the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival in Manchester next week- revealed that Vernon – who is taking over from Ken Bruce – tried to convince him to join him for a night on the town with Rylan.

He said: “By this time it was already about 11pm and I was thinking: ‘There is a bed in the Premier Inn on the Euston Road with my name on it!’

“Also if I go out with Rylan and Vernon I can’t hear what they are saying because I am about a foot lower than them!”

Meanwhile Mark – who presents The Folk Show – revealed that there is a Northern takeover happening at the station.

He said: “The amazing thing is, and it happened on Radio 1, is that on Radio 2 now you have three people from Bolton! So it is me, Sara Cox and Vernon!”

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